Content SEO tips


Every page should have a unique and relevant title tag.
Put important keywords and phrases toward the top of pages
Use themes that load content first then sidebars
If your website content is better then it will rate better than a similar site that doesnt.
If you move or restructure your site, you can use .htaccess to redirect old pages to the new ones.
Image names should be accurate and include keywords.
Each page needs to have its own keyword strategy, that should be reflected in all aspects of page.
Your page title is what viewers see, first impressions are important.
Avoid specific terms in title like your company name, you should rank well for these anyway
Don’t not try to hide keywords by making them small or with colors like background. You will be punished.
Use friendly URLs that use “-“not underscores.
Use keyword in title, the more important ones closer to the front.
Include towns, cities, in Keywords, titles and content
Make keywords bold or italic to emphasize them.
Try to have only one H1 tag per page, and it should have page keyword
Update you website frequently – it teaches the search engineto come by more often.
Ensure every page has correct character set and language.
Use H1, H1 and H3 for their intended purposes, and of course include keywords within.
Use Html and CSS that validates with W3C and works on every browser