Dealing with the New Facebook

Great event 3/12/2014 -Thank you all –  Summary of discussion as I see it.

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  1. Facebook is still king of social media, still growing
  2. Small business are going to have to spend money, or be more ingenious to get what they were getting before for free. Free organics are going away.
  3. Hyper Target or don’t bother doing PPC in Facebook
  4. Get people off Facebook and on to your page as quickly as possible for several reasons, including someone elses ad showing up on same page.
  5. Don’t use any of the other types of FB ads, stick with timeline. Promoting your page or using FB ads to get likes is dumb….
  6. If you spend over $1500 a month, someone at FB will actually talk to you, and help you
  7. Use Power editor…
  8. Target customer via FB ID from Groups etc…
  9. Facebook is only part of marketing plan, many of us have love hate relationship with Facebook.
  10. Facebook demographics are changing, don’t have all your eggs in one basket.